Our Mission


Our mission is to empower children/youth with academic support through personalized learning and STEM infused Educational Programming.

 We develop a personalized learning plan that is tailored to your child's unique learning needs.  

STEM Connextion Academy

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What we do at STEM Connextion Academy?


STEM Connextion Philosophy

STEM Connextion Philosophy

STEM Connextion Philosophy

AT STEM Connextion our training is twofold- preparing students academically and teachers professionally.  We pride ourselves in our knowledge of the STEM fields, experience in the classroom, and our proven ability to increase student engagement and achievement in all academic areas


Individualized Approach

STEM Connextion Philosophy

STEM Connextion Philosophy

Individualized Tutoring


Academic Coaching

Personalized Instruction

All subjects areas grades PK-12

College readiness Test Prep ACT/SAT

ISEE Test Prep


Professional Learning

STEM Connextion Philosophy

Professional Learning

Through our hands-on, interactive learning modules we provide teachers with practical tools needed to infuse STEM concepts into the curriculum while providing cross-curricular, standards-based learning experiences for all students.  Teachers develop personally as well as professionally through our research based leadership training.