Our Mission

To empower children/youth with academic support through personalized learning and STEM infused Educational Programming.

Core Values


Equity: We believe that ALL children deserve equal access to a quality education regardless of their intellectual abilities or socioeconomic status.

Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning: We believe in teaching and learning that is student centered and focuses on the individual needs of students.

STEM Infused Curriculum

STEM Infused Curriculum: We believe in a STEM infused curriculum that is not isolated programming, but a holistic approach to learning when embedded into any curriculum.

Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning: We believe that love, nurturing, and a strong support system provides for the social and emotional needs of students as they grow into healthy self-sustainable young adults.


Self-Efficacy: We believe that competence breeds confidence and increases student self-efficacy.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: We believe that education is a vehicle to help break the cycle of poverty in the Dallas community.

Technology as Tools

Technology as Tools: We believe in the use of technology as a tool to support a more individualized approach to learning and a 21st century focus.

Our History and Founder

Stem Connextion Academy (SCA) was founded by Tamira Fleming in 2018. With her passion for education, she uses her 20 plus years of classroom experience, along with knowledge in the field of engineering to continue making a difference in the lives of children. Currently, she wears dual hats at SCA as Executive Director and Academic coach/Instructor. Our Mission is to empower children/youth with academic support through personalized learning and STEM infused Educational Programming. We develop a personalized learning plan that is tailored to your child's unique learning needs. 


The roots and passions that are embedded into Stem Connextion Academy began in Tamira’s childhood. Her mother taught her to read at the age of three. Her earliest memories of learning are at the age of six teaching other kids in her neighborhood to read. It is often said that if we look deeply into who we are as children we’ll find the root of our passions. She comes from hard working parents who were leaders in their communities. Her father, who has always been an activist and was the resident of the community neighborhood association in her home town would lead neighborhood meetings that were held in their basement. Her mother, who came from a one room schoolhouse in Alabama, would always tell Tamira about the history of her education. Watching them work hard in their home, church, careers and communities inspired Tamira to become a hard worker, to be a lover of learning, and to cultivate a desire to use her strengths to make an impact in her community.


Academy is committed to be a positive learning home for the children in our community. Staying the belief that she could do anything she put her mind to. It is this belief that keeps STEM Connextion Academy running. We believe that SCA can fill the educational gaps within the Dallas Community and we will go all the lengths necessary to make your child feel understood, to feel like they are improving, and to feel like they have a home. Our educational instructor has the gifts and skills needed to see the learning needs of your child that are often overlooked. Our hope is that self-belief and the desire to achieve our greatest potential can also be passed down to your child. Our childhoods experiences set the tone for the rest of our lives and STEM Connextion Academy is committed to be a positive learning home for the children in our community. Staying true to her upbringing and early passions Tamira has dedicated herself to lifelong learning in order to be an equipped educator.

Tamira, our STEM project based learning instructor, is currently pursuing a doctorate in Educational Leadership at Dallas Baptist University. She holds a master’s degree in Elementary Education and a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. With over 20 years of classroom teaching experience in both public and private sectors, she has taught K-12 math and science to students in general ed, special, and gifted education. While a full-time teacher, Tamira embraced her entrepreneurial vision in 2001. She became so passionate about helping all students reach their fullest potential that she started a home-based tutoring business in Dallas and named it

Tailor-Made Tutor. She served families with special needs students as well as those with low to average abilities. She developed a unique customized approach to student learning that guaranteed success. With a personalized approach to teaching math, more students were succeeding, her business excelled, and soon she was tutoring in schools and eventually in the homes of the families she served. In 2018 the business was renamed and revamped and is now the STEM Connextion Learning Academy.


Our Future

From the one room image of her mother’s schoolhouse in Alabama came the desire to have a house for children to learn and grow. We are dreaming Big! The Future STEM Connextion Learning Center- A cozy, safe haven of learning for ALL children. Our goal is to house our business in a remodeled home made specific to the function and learning environment of STEM Connextion Academy. We want to create a cozy hub and create a culture of family and learning. If you are interested in supporting our future building project please donate.  Contributions of all sizes, small and large are welcome. It takes a village!

STEM Connextion Academy